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StarNews Mobile is dedicated to connecting African creators with their fans and enabling them to monetize their talents for substantial earnings. Our platform now boasts a user base of over 4 million, with over 100 creators, and has partnered with some of the largest telecommunications operators. We are pleased to report that we are making significant strides towards achieving our goal on a daily basis.

We take great pride in our creators and are constantly impressed by their ingenuity and success on StarNews Mobile.

Hear directly from some of our incredible African, video content creators on their experience joining StarNews Mobile: 


 “Thanks to StarNews Mobile, comedians such as myself can make our fans laugh all day while generating revenue that helps us feed our families. It’s never too late! Thank you, Starnews!”

-Fingon Tralala, Cameroonian comedian with a channel on MTN StarNews Cameroon. 


“It’s been a couple of years that I have been on the StarNews Mobile platform, and it has been an amazing experience. I am very grateful. Thank you StarNews.”

-Mr. Leo, a Cameroonian singer, and songwriter with a channel on he has a Starnews channel on MTN and Orange Cameroon and is featured on StarNews Urban Hit Show. 


“Thank you StarNews Mobile, for your contribution to the flourishing of Cameroonian artists. StarNews is a game-changer for us. I am honored to be part of the StarNews journey.” 

-Minks, Cameroonian Hip Hop artist and songwriter and the 3rd place winner of StarNews Urban Hit Show by Orange Season 1.


“Super happy to be on the StarNews Mobile platform, it has enabled me to generate additional revenue and the ability to offer my fans special exclusive content!” 


 – DRE- A, female Ivorian rapper.


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