Why are influencers and content creators switching from traditional social media platforms to focus on StarNews Mobile?

In recent years, monetising social media platforms has become increasingly difficult. Not only do influencers and content creators struggle to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms of traditional platforms like Facebook and Instagram but in many countries cellular data limits, a difference in payment methods and even certain cultural differences make it even more difficult for influencers and content creators to monetize their content. As a result, StarNews Mobile is quickly becoming the go-to social media platform for content creators who want to easily monetize their content and connect with their followers in a unique way. While many aspects of StarNews Mobile are similar to traditional social media platforms, StarNews Mobile is disrupting the social media industry with a few key differences that are really setting them apart. 

  1. Unlike most other popular social media platforms, StarNews Mobile allows its users to transform their content into a paid subscription service where followers pay a small daily or weekly fee to follow their favorite content creators. Users of StarNews Mobile are no longer reliant on ads or sponsorship to produce a stable income from their content. Not only does this system help influencers and content creators monetize their content but it helps elevate the quality of the content being posted on StarNews Mobile as content creators attempt to engage and retain their followers.
  2. StarNews Mobile is offering people opportunities to monetize their content in countries where it is more difficult to do so, like the Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, and Nigeria. One of the biggest obstacles to monetization in these countries is the difference in payment methods. By partnering directly with mobile providers in these countries, StarNews Mobile is able to bill subscribers directly to their phone plan making payments super easy and eliminating this issue.
  3. StarNews Mobile combines aspects of traditional social media platforms with SMS technology. Instead of a typical social media feed, subscribers receive their favorite content directly to their phone via SMS. This not only allows content creators to connect directly with their audience but it eliminates the need to use cellular data to access social media. In countries where data is limited and unlimited data plans are unavailable or costly, this is a perfect solution. Additionally, StarNews Mobile promotes new channels to their own ever increasing user base of 3.4 million active users. A campaign promoting a new channel can be promoted to anywhere between 500K and 1 millions users. 

With its user-friendly interface and monetisation potential, it’s no wonder that StarNews Mobile is becoming the social media platform of choice for content creators where it is now available.

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