A quick look into the company culture at StarNews Mobile

At StarNews Mobile, we strive to foster a positive and collaborative work environment, bringing employees together, and building a strong sense of community amongst our team members. 


This month we celebrated the marriage of one of our valued team members, Merlin Koloko, to his wife Lydovine. Several members of our team attended the wedding, including our CEO, Guy Kamgaign, who traveled from Los Angeles to Africa to be a part of Merlin’s special day. 


Merlin describes the StarNews Mobile team as “more than just a family,” explaining that even in a high-pressure environment, the company culture at StarNews Mobile is friendly and collaborative, allowing them to accomplish great things. 


Merlin is not only a vital member of the StarNews Mobile family, but he is also a testament to StarNews Mobile’s promise to train and empower their employees. Merlin was first hired 4 years ago, as an assistant data analyst and benefited from StarNews Mobile’s peer coaching system. Working one-on-one with StarNew Mobile’s, CTO Olivier Catta, allowed him to master StarNews Mobile’s system quickly and take on a larger role at StarNews Mobile as the Lead Data Analyst leading the technical development team in Cameroon. 


In addition to this peer-coaching program, StarNews Mobile continuously offers employees like Merlin the opportunity to attend training and professional development courses in their respective areas of expertise. 

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