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At StarNews, we believe in boosting the untapped potential of African content creators; helping them make a living from their passion is a top priority. We are connecting hundreds of brands and celebrities with tens of millions of young, eager fans across the African continent on a user friendly platform.
Earn Real Income

Over the past 18 months, the average StarNews creator earned $40k, while our top 20 creators earned over $100k (US GDP equivalent).

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Connect with your fans in a new way. We deliver short, addictive videos that users want to watch, pay for, and share.


Thanks to our relationships with major telcos across Africa, we can expose you to up to 100 million people.

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direct to your fans.

  1. Create short and exclusive videos
  2. Post content on your StarNews channel
  3. Promote your channel
  4. Get paid for each subscriber

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