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Fally Ipupa

613 K
“StarNews is like no other platform! It is for us by us!”
4.4 M
2.8 M
8.1 M


315 K
“I love my fans and share my most exclusive content with them on StarNews”
672 K
187 K
2.2 M


Gohou Michel

113 K
“ Find me on StarNews! It’s an amazing way to connect me with my fans”
100 K
2 M

Moustik Karismatik

49 K
“StarNews is the platform to be on! It allows me to get closer to my fans!”
622 K
458 K
1 M


Flash Foot

690 K
“StarNews fans love having access to the latest news, results and draws from all of our leagues and cup competitions “

Africa Foot

162 K
“On Starnews, soccer fans have access to African soccer like on no other platform”


Flash Info

299 K
“StarNews lets you access your local news in real time!”

Star actus

99 K
“StarNews allows fans to have access to all their favorite celebrity gossip, and news…”


Vie Religieuse

111 K
“Never miss a prayer or a meditation Thanks to StarNews”

Parole Divine

12 K
“You can always count on StarNews to have the right thoughts”


Cordon Bleu

368 K
“Find our best local recipes on StarNews”

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