StarNews Mobile Successfuly Monetizes Trending Events In Africa

You probably already know that StarNews Mobile is not your typical social media platform. Known for their efforts to change the creator economy in Africa by helping local creators monetize their valuable content, StarNews Mobile has demonstrated yet another way they are different from traditional social media platforms. Recently, the platform began providing exclusive and behind-the-scenes content for trending events.

In preparation for AFCON, the Africa Cup of Nations, StarNews Mobile sent a team to attend the event and launched a channel dedicated to providing subscribers with exclusive content.

The team conducted interviews with players, documented highlights from the game, and revealed what goes on before and after the game, delivering a unique experience where subscribers could feel as though they were attending AFCON themselves. Subscribers paid a small weekly fee (150 XOF) for access to the channel through their mobile provider, making the subscription convenient, affordable, and accessible. Not only did paid subscribers get access to daily exclusive content but they were automatically entered into a giveaway where they had the chance to win several prizes, including the grand prize of an all-expenses-paid trip to the AFCON Final.

Over 765,000 people subscribed to the channel, making StarNews Mobile’s coverage of AFCON a definite success, not only in providing numerous AFCON fans with valuable and exclusive content, but also in proving StarNews Mobile’s potential to monetize trending events. As mobile-based entertainment in Africa becomes more widely accessible, StarNews Mobile remains committed to putting the creator and their audience first. With this in mind, which event do you think StarNew Mobile should cover next?

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