StarNews Mobile Sponsors Fally Ipupa’s Annual Concert

This year, StarNews Mobile has partnered with one of Africa’s biggest artists, Fally Ipupa by sponsoring his most anticipated annual December concert at the Sofitel, Abidjan, Ivory Coast. 


Fally Ipupa is a true African star and has one of the largest followings on StarNews Mobile since he joined in 2017. His channel has attracted 381,375 lifetime subscribers in the Ivory Coast and 422,060 subscribers in Cameroon. His tours fill stadiums all over the world. For those who are not familiar with his music, it transcends genres as a skillful mix of traditional Congolese music (rumba, ndombolo) and more “Western” urban sounds.


For StarNews Mobile, this campaign is seen as an opportunity to increase visibility by reaching a young and dynamic audience, an opportunity to recruite subscribers in two countries at once, the Ivory Coast and Cameroon and lastly, as a creative solution for monetization.


To promote this event, StarNews Mobile is hosting a virtual dance competition where two winners (one from the Ivory Coast and one from Cameroon) will receive free tickets to the concert and will attend a Meet and Greet with Fally Ipupa, where they will receive a signed copy this new album. The winner from Cameroon will also win a free flight to travel to Abidjan for the event. 


Additionally, the StarNews Mobile team will be producing exclusive backstage content of the special event for StarNews Mobile subscribers. 


StarNews Mobile’s promotion of this event is expected to result in 440,000 new subscribers and generate a sizable revenue. 


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