StarNews Mobile’s New Creator Fund Is Set to Transform the Creator Economy in Africa!

At StarNews Mobile, we know that creators want to create, and our mission is to support them and provide them with a platform and the tools they need to succeed. This is why we are so excited to announce our latest initiative – the StarNews Mobile Creator Fund. 

Our Creator Fund is designed to incentivize and reward content creators who produce innovative and engaging content while also boosting the creator economy in Africa!

With the help of our comprehensive data set of more than several terabytes collected over many years, we have developed Content Creator Specific AI Models that enable us to accurately predict the ROI of investing in each of our creators. 

Using this data, we can offer our creators upfront payments that align with their potential earnings. Additionally, we have developed the ability to predict and correlate how much new content a creator should produce to earn a predictable monthly income using some basic information and data gathered during our creator onboarding process. 

With our predictive analytics and our Creator Fund, we can give creators confidence in partnering with StarNews Mobile and their ability to generate a steady stream of income based on their content production.

During our beta testing period, we tested this model with several creators and have already seen impressive results with a clear and proven return on investment. For example, we reached an 83% ROI over four months with one Nigerian creator after the first installment from the fund. Our investment has helped the channel sustain higher monthly revenues and helped the creator reach their target earnings from StarNews. Another creator used the investment from the Creator Fund to purchase equipment which resulted in better content production quality and helped the creator reach their target earnings in only four months instead of the predicted seven months without an investment. These are just some examples of how investing in our creative partnerships provides a clear ROI.

At StarNews Mobile, we’re committed to providing our creators with the resources they need to succeed. After validating these predictive scenarios for many months, we are pleased to extend this offering to all our creators. Our Creator Fund is just one example of how we’re investing in the future of our platform. These investments will significantly increase the quality of content offered on our platform, accelerating both subscriber and revenue growth and resulting in greater earnings for our creators.

 We are confident that by continuing to innovate and partner with talented African creators, we will achieve long-term growth and financial success for the entire ecosystem. So whether you’re a motivated creator, a passionate subscriber, or a potential partner, we invite you to join StarNews Mobile as we transform the creator economy in Africa!


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