StarNews Mobile Is Partnered With MTN to Support and Grow Local Creator Economy in Africa

We’re proud to announce that we have renewed our agreement with MTN, another milestone in our efforts to be a driving force in developing the creator economy in Africa. Our goal for this partnership is not only to create jobs and opportunities for talented and hard-working African creators but to boost the world’s already exploding passion for African music, art, fashion, etc., by supporting the creation, distribution, and monetization of great African digital content. 

In the first three years of our partnership, we successfully deployed the StarNews Mobile platform in 5 countries, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, and South Africa. As today’s chosen platform for hundreds of local creators (celebrities, influencers, athletes, etc.), it has reached 3M+ users with millions of dollars paid thus far to local creators through the monetization of their content on the StarNews Mobile Platform. 

As part of this partnership, we have launched new and innovative ways of monetizing trending events by launching event-dedicated channels on the StarNews Mobile platform and providing subscribers with exclusive behind-the-scenes content. This experiment was massively successful during the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) campaign, acquiring over 765,000 subscribers and producing highly-engaging content. 

To reach the mass market, we are focusing on hyper-local content, including content in local dialects (like Swahili, Yoruba, and Zulu) and promoting indigenous, sometimes tribal, content. A good example is our popular “Bamoun Life ” channel in Cameroon, which delivers content about the Sultan’s activities and cultural events from the Kingdom of Bamoun, home to some 2M people in Cameroon. Revenues generated from this channel contributed to the development of this ancient Kingdom.

“Three years ago, MTN took a chance on us with the goal of unleashing the potential of local African content creators and bringing value to their users. The StarNews Mobile team embraced the challenge and exceeded expectations. We are excited to be renewing our partnership agreement with MTN, and we could not dream of a better partner than MTN to deploy our Pan-African vision of helping African creators earn a sustainable income from digital solutions, something all the other platforms are not doing.” – Guy Kamgaing, CEO of StarNews. 

As we enter the fourth year of this partnership, we are focused on expanding in our current markets and increasing the average income creators earn on the StarNews platform. We will do so by expanding into new markets, notably, Ghana, Benin, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia, and encouraging cross-border content distribution and monetization through Ayoba and MTN MoMo. 

StarNews Mobile is dedicated to welcoming the most exciting, innovative, and relevant creators on the StarNews Mobile platform, while MTN continues to promote and distribute to their over 200M users across 20 countries. A proven, powerful, and successful partnership.

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