StarNews Mobile Celebrates African Heritage By Sponsoring AFRICON 2023!

As part of StarNews Mobile’s ongoing commitment to promoting and celebrating the African Diaspora, we are thrilled to announce our official sponsorship of the 3rd Annual AFRICON conference, hosted by the leading media and entertainment company, Amplify Africa. This highly anticipated event will take place in Los Angeles from May 25th to 28th, coinciding with the momentous 60th Anniversary of Africa Day. AFRICON 2023 serves as a vibrant celebration of the global Black Diaspora, bringing together innovators in music, business, activism, education, and more to uplift and honor Africa’s rich heritage and the diverse achievements of the African continent.  

At StarNews Mobile, we are not only excited to sponsor and attend this extraordinary event, but we are also proud to announce that our CEO, Guy Kamgaing, will take the stage as a speaker during the conference.

He will be introducing a panel on Thursday focused on African Entertainment for a Global Audience and the opportunities and challenges facing African creatives seeking to reach a wider global audience, as this is an issue that StarNews is on a mission to solve. 

Guy Kamgaing will also be a speaker on Friday discussing Africa’s economic potential and the value of investing in the continent. With his deep understanding of the media, entertainment, and telecom industries, he will undoubtedly deliver a thought-provoking and inspiring address that highlights the tremendous opportunities Africa offers. 

AFRICON 2023 boasts an impressive lineup of keynote speakers who will share their expertise and experiences with the attendees. Some notable figures gracing the stage include Vic Mensa, Van Lathan Jr, Kweku Amoako, Ndidi Onyejiaka MD, Dr. Omonye Phillips (VP, Riteaid), Alphonso David, Sam Onyemelukwe (CEO, Trace TV), Detavio Samuels (CEO, REVOLT), Trevor Ndhlovu (Hypebeast Africa), Tunji Bolagun (CEO, DEF JAM), Sam Onyemelukwe (SVP, Global Business Development, Trace), Adam McFarland (YouTube), and many more. 

The partnership between StarNews Mobile and AFRICON 2023 exemplifies our shared commitment to amplifying Africa’s narrative and promoting the diverse voices within the African Diaspora. Through our sponsorship, we endeavor to support and uplift African culture, empowering communities worldwide. AFRICON serves as a platform for meaningful connections, transformative discussions, and the celebration of African excellence in various fields.

As the conference approaches, the excitement builds for an unforgettable four-day event that will honor Africa’s rich heritage and inspire attendees from around the globe. AFRICON 2023 promises to be a remarkable gathering of like-minded individuals who are passionate about Africa and its contributions to the world. 

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