Discover the endless entertainment possibilities StarNews Mobile Offers Our Subscribers!

At StarNews Mobile, we’re dedicated to providing exclusive content that caters to the diverse interests of our over 4 million subscribers. Our comprehensive selection of programming includes entertainment, sports, news, cooking, religious content, and more, all accessible directly from our subscribers’ mobile phones and conveniently billed through their phone plan.

Here are a few examples of the kind of content you can find on our platform:

  • Comedy fans can enjoy episodic scripted content and skits on Fingon’s channel.

  • Our Cordon Bleu channel offers daily cooking recipes to share with friends and loved ones, perfect for foodies.

  • For English language learners, Binnie’s English Training channel provides ESL learning.

  • Fans of Fally Ipupa, a world-renowned Congolese singer-songwriter, dancer, philanthropist, guitarist, and producer, can enjoy exclusive content on our platform.

  • Sports enthusiasts can find daily coverage, including analysis and reviews of recent football games, on our Fanside Naija channel.

  • Fitness enthusiasts can watch Kaffy’s channel, where they can break down choreography and find exercise videos.

  • Our religious channels offer motivational content and prayers for both Muslim and Christian subscribers.

  • For those who love discovering new talent, our Star Urban Hit Show features aspiring African artists competing for cash prizes and music deals based on fan voting.

We are committed to providing a wide variety of programming that appeals to all of our subscribers, and we invite you to explore the diverse range of content that StarNews Mobile has to offer.


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