StarNew Mobile’s Partnership With Orange Produces An Innovative Form Of Mobile Entertainment

Last year StarNews Mobile partnered with Orange to launch a new and innovative  concept of mobile entertainment and fan engagement, a musical battle competition called The StarNews Urban Hit Show (SNUHS).


Similar to shows like American Idol and The Voice , on SNUHS artists compete weekly amongst each other and fans vote for their favorite artist. What sets SNUHS apart, however, is that it is streamed exclusively through the StarNew Mobile platform and viewers pay a small fee to subscribe to the channel and cast their votes. Additionally, subscribers receive access to exclusive,daily, backstage content featuring their favorite artists and have a chance to win a cash prize of 1 million FCFA (about $2k) if they receive the title of “The Best Fan”. 


The StarNews Urban Hit Show (SNUHS) has changed the social media game by monetizing episodic content on social media similarly to content found on cable television or other streaming services. 


Season 1 of SNUHS was a huge success with an audience of almost 300,000 voters and the winners were announced on live TV Canal 2. Out of the twenty artists who competed in season 1 there were three winners who won 20 million FCFA (about $40k), 10 million FCFA (about $20K) and 5 million FCFA ($10K), respectively. These winnings are huge considering that the average yearly income in Cameroon is less than one thousand and most artists, though talented, struggle to make a living.


Due to the success of season one, more than three times as many people applied to be on the second season of The StarNews Urban Hit Show (SNUHS) and there are a few exciting differences from last season. This season the total prize money on the line has been increased to 45 million (about $70K). Additionally, this season ten artists, selected from the applicants, were sent to do an extensive training on how to use the StarNew Mobile platform, as well as how to become a social media star. Like last season, three winners will be selected based on the highest number of votes but this year they will become brand ambassadors for StarNews Mobile. 

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