StarNews Uses Analytics and Intelligence To Help Our Creators Succeed

The creator economy is rising rapidly. It is no longer just about creators providing value to the platform; it is about the platform providing value to the Creator. 

Traditional existing platforms are driven by the attention economy that monetizes the audience they speak to. In contrast, the creator economy turns that audience into a real asset and potential source of income for creators. 

At StarNews Mobile we view our creators as small business owners and strive to build a platform that reflects that. We are passionate about building a platform that can provide African creators with a sustainable income and promotes all that Africa has to offer culturally and artistically.

To succeed on a platform, creators need to be able to track every part of their business, from cash flow to analytics, logistics, human resource management, and order fulfillment. Not only do analytics and intelligence help creators better understand the demands and complexity of running a business but this data helps creators build their strategy and curate their content to increase views and engagement. Additionally, these insights make it easier for sponsors, investors, and funds who might be interested in specific creators to be able to track or forecast their return on investment. 

StarNews Mobile’s creator-focused analytics include: 

 Monthly Income Predictions: Predicts monthly income based on generated content and indicates how much new content they should generate to make X amount of income.

Long-Term Stay Analysis: Subscriber analysis that predicts what criteria cause subscribers to stay subscribed long term. Using that information, we focus on helping the creator reach those criteria as soon as possible after the user subscribes. 

Content Creation and Billing impact: Analyzes the impact of content creation and monetization success on user churn. This allows us to notify the content creators that their subscriptions are falling and allows us to determine if there is a lack of content that is causing users to churn or financial issues. Using this data we can determine the suggested frequency for content creation for the desired retention and if the users churn after several successful billings, encourage the creator to offer additional incentives, rewards, or a promotional price. 

Simply put, content creator-centric platforms like StarNews Mobile help content creators make more money. In fact, StarNews Mobile’s intelligence empowers creators with data predictions from Terabytes of data collected from our 20M subscribers and has helped more than 100 content creators in 5 countries generate more than $30K (adjusted for GDP) of additional annual income just from content published on our platform.

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