Did you catch the finale of Season 2 of the StarNews Urban Hit Show?

Season 2 of the StarNews Urban Hit Show is A Wrap, and it was More Successful Than Ever! 

The StarNews Mobile had wrapped up its second season of StarNews Urban Hit Show (SNUHS) in partnership with Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. After a successful first season, more than three times as many people applied to be on the second season of SNUHS. 

Through the StarNews Urban Hit Show, StarNews Mobile is able to even more directly help African artists gain exposure, monetize their content, and earn real income from their talent. Additionally, StarNews Mobile is able to boost and share African musical talent.

This season, nine artists were selected from the applicants and were gifted an extensive, 3-month training on how to become a social media star. This training included how to use the StarNews Mobile platform, how to make quality video content, how to leverage subscribers, etc.

This training program not only set the artists up for long-term career success but prepared them to compete for a chance to win this season’s grand prize. 

Like last season, three winners were selected based on the highest number of votes from viewers. 

The Winners of Season 2:

1 – Babaah Master

2 – Sabrina Love 

3 – Mr Shyne

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