Creator Spotlight Lady Ponce

Who Is Lady Ponce?

Lady Ponce Lady ponce is a Cameroonian musician, artist, lyricist, author and composer. She is an icon of Cameroonian music and African culture. 

Interested Fact About Lady Ponce:

Lady Ponce has been wrongly reported deceased twice, once in 2011 and once in 2019. 

Why Did Lady Ponce Join StarNews Mobile ?

Lady Ponce joined StarNews Mobile to share exclusive content with your fans. As a celebrity, Lady Ponce has a large following of people that want to feel close to her and are interested in your daily personal life. 

“I joined StarNews Mobile to be closer to my “Poncers” by presenting them with my most intimate experience.” – Lady Ponce

Lady Ponce’s Results On StarNews Mobile:

  • Account Launched: October 2017
  • Lifetime Paid Subscribers:  3.4 million
  • Type of Content: Celebrity Private Life

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