A New Milestone for StarNews Mobile: 4M Active Users!

A New Milestone for StarNews Mobile: 4M Active Users!


StarNews Mobile is excited to announce that we have reached 4 million active users, both Free and Premium, in our current markets. 


Additionally, our overall analytics show exponential growth and incredible promise:


  • An active user is a user who has paid to access their creator channel at least once in the past 30 days. Today, around 500,000 unique active users engage with our platform on a daily basis and receive daily exclusive content from the creators they follow, while another 3.5 million users receive free content sporadically for 30 days.

  • Over the course of 2022, over 10 million users have signed up and accessed our platform and that is our actual captive audience.

  • Furthermore, over 90% of our users are located in Ivory Coast and Cameroon, which totals about 40 million mobile subscribers. This means StarNews Mobile has captured the interest of over 25% of the market, a very good indication of our potential.


Our data tells us that there is far more interest in StarNews Mobile than just our current premium user base and that many consumers cannot afford our current subscription model. Today we send content to 3.5M non-paying or “free” users for 30 days and 6M have been set aside. What if just like Netflix recently did, we introduced an ad model, where local brands could advertise directly to our current 3.5M free users and our 6M dormant users? Not only would this allow StarNews Mobile to be more widely accessible to all but this would also increase revenues for our creators since we share all revenues with them equitably.  An ad model would help us continue to make sure African creators are well compensated for their work, which is our ultimate mission!



Let us know what you think about us introducing an ad model to StarNews Mobile or if you have other ideas on how we could monetize our free users in a way that benefits our creators. Contact us at info@starnewsmobile.com.

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