Content distribution

StarNews Mobile sources the best and more relevant content from popular talents and brands and distributes it effectively to their fans across the continent thanks to strong partnerships with pan-African mobile operators such as MTN and Orange. With a potential reach of 20M+ and a footprint that is growing every day, StarNews Mobile is the number 1 destination for any content producer targeting this hard-to-reach audience.


Fostering unique fan engagement

With StarNews Mobile, local and international talents can reach out to their pan-African fan base that is now identifiable and engaged: send special messages, share daily exclusive videos, announce upcoming visits, communicate about charity work, and more!



By focusing on short and addictive videos that users are ready to pay for, and billing subscribers seamlessly through micro-payments, StarNews Mobile offers content creators a solid, regular revenue stream at a higher revenue share than other platforms such as Youtube.



StarNews Mobile supports signed artists and brands in promoting their events by sending live notifications, distributing exclusive videos upstream and downstream of performances, and leveraging fan engagement. StarNews Mobile also facilitates the supply of concert tickets, meet-and-greet opportunities with celebrities, and other gifts.


Discover how Kaaris and Force One have used StarNews to promote their show!


Discover how Kaaris have used StarNews to promote his show!

Force one

Discover how Force One have used StarNews to promote his show!